Wooed by Wood Sunglasses

Ecofriendly shades hewn just for you

wooed by wood!

Sometimes Mother (Nature) knows best.

Case in point: Wooed by Wood, a just-launched label of ecofriendly accessories made from reclaimed, well, you know.

For founders Julia Zhu and Joh Olson, marrying sustainability with style required serious branching out. The design duo scoped the most universally flattering shapes from shops coast to coast before sourcing materials (sustainably harvested bamboo, cocobolo, zebrawood, and walnut).

wooed by wood!

Production is equally involved: It takes two weeks (and about 50 steps) for craftsmen to size, shape, and sheen each pair.

The resulting one-of-a-kind shades are more classic than kitschy: Oversize Zazie is naturally glamorous, while boxy Zeitgeist has a futuristic feel. We’re partial to Bamboo, a sophisticated style we’d imagine on Holly Golightly — if she detoured in Yosemite.

No junk from these trunks.

Available at wooedbywood.com, $90-$295.

Photos: Jayms Ramirez / Courtesy of Wooed by Wood