Step Aside, Crocs

Flossy shoes land stateside


We were young once. Wandering the streets of Barcelona, discovering tapas like Christopher Columbus discovered America, and making out with artists (or guys with long hair and accents who said they were artists).

And then we had kids. Which pretty much ended that. And those kids need shoes. Every six months.

Flash back to the good time that was by wrapping their tiny toes in Flossy shoes. The Spanish cult favorite, loved by beachgoers and bohemians all over La Furia Roja, has landed in the U.S. just in time for summer.

The soft slip-ons come in bright color combos (electric blue and red, hot pink and yellow) and subdued solids (navy, denim, black).

Upon discovering a pair in her size, our little put them on, stripped down to her skivvies, and paraded around the house chanting, “Summer! Summer!”

Must be genetic.

Available at little-circus.com, $37.

Photo: Courtesy of Little Circus