SF Tastemakers Share Their Secret Songs

A guilty pleasures playlist

guilty pleasures playlist!

When you’re solo, you play them on loop. In public? You’ll do anything (roll up the windows at red lights, turn down the volume on public transportation) to cover your tracks.

To help ease you into admittance, we asked some of our favorite SFers to confess the secret songs they’re not (too) ashamed to love.

What a Fool Believes,” by The Doobie Brothers
(“I love the slow ’70s jams, but I have to love them in secret.” — Mira Pickett, Mira Mira owner)

I Got Love,” by Nate Dogg
(“In place of a second cup of coffee I get my creative flow going with a little Nate Dogg.” — Brook Lane, Job & Boss designer)

Ante Up,” by Mash Out Posse
(“I love psyching myself up to this track.” — Allie Pape, Eater SF editor)

Love on Top,” by Beyoncé
(“My upstairs neighbor is the only one who knows I play this on a loop for twenty minutes. It’s the chord changes!” — Maggie Engebretson, Postcard Communications publicist)

Ride,” by Ciara featuring Ludacris
(“The dancing in the video is so impressive that it’s made me also love the song.” — Tyler McPherron, director of photography)

Party in the U.S.A.,” by Miley Cyrus
(My unofficial theme song when I lived in L.A.” — Anna Roth, SF Weekly food editor)

Back That Azz Up,” by Juvenile
(“When I used to DJ at a club known for hip-hop, I’d start my sets with this. Today it’s still my go-to dancing song.” — Julie Schuchard, Tricycle Records co-founder)

You and I,” by Ingrid Michaelson
(“It’s a bit too saccharine to play in public, but still a really good song.” — Iso Rabins, ForageSF founder)

Nothing’s Going to Stop Us Now,” by Starship
(“Mannequin was the first movie I ever saw in the theater, and the fashion is so on point.” — Jen Reiber Walsh, Twitter internal events manager)

Magic Man,” by Heart
(“Arguably the best song to sing in your car, with the bonus of power air guitar at red lights.” — Cathy Bishop, Good Eggs head of marketing)

Photo: Ondine32 / Getty Images