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Spark Up a Dinner Date at Dante's Table

Decadent dining at the Castro's new Italian restaurant

dante's table!

A bad dinner date can be hell.

But even if there’s no love connection, the quickest way to ensure the night’s not a total bust is through one’s stomach. Case in point: Dante’s Table, a new Castro Italian spot with a sinful menu scored to save your soul. (If not your dignity.)

Follow our orders below for culinary cures to five circles of dating damnation.

The Total Snooze
You’re two cocktails deep, and he’s still discussing his custody battles over a juicer. Save the night from becoming a total drip with the Machiavelli cocktail ($9), an espresso martini with vanilla vodka, Frangelico, and a dollop of amaretto cream.

The Narcissist
He babbles about his job and weekend warrior activities; you hear “blahblahblah.” Divert attention with the Self-Indulgent cocktail ($9), made of white Negroni, bitters, and Cocchi Americano.

The Whole Foods Fanatic
Your date’s into hemp milk shakes and kale chips. You’ll have a plate of anything fried. Reach a happy medium with the lightly buttered fiori di zucca fritti ($9), flavored with ricotta and a touch of anchovies.

The Perfectly Nice Person
Sparks just aren’t flying at the table. On the grill, it’s a whole different story with Dante’s rosemary rib-eye, sided with sunchokes and asparagus ($22).

The “Comedian”
Bad cheesy: his sense of humor. Good cheesy: Dante’s prosciutto pie ($12) unexpectedly loaded with soft brie, mozzarella, and cherry tomatoes.

The full menu’s popping up this June. Your prayers have been answered.

Dante’s Table, 544 Castro Street, at 19th Street (415-529-2797 or dantestable.com).

Photo: Juan Romero Corral / Courtesy of Dante’s Table 

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