Wrap Yourself in Percolating Design

Knit jewelry pieces that look sew cool

percolating design jewelry!

Set to the tune of “A Whole New World”

Deborah Wong can show you the purl,
Twisted, chain linked, splendid,
Gold and silver accents, just let your heart decide.

Bring your outfits to life,
Take you season to season,
Wrapped, layered, and woven.

A whole new purl,
Crafted from hand-dyed merino wool,
A dazzling piece to make old outfits feel new,
Wear them anywhere,
You’ll look so fair,
The way you style is a whole new purl just up to you.

A whole new purl,
Every hue a surprise,
Sienna’s flecked with blue,
Emerald’s pretty, too,
Soon she’ll share ombre and color blocked with you.

You can wear them anywhere,
At these prices, you can buy ’em to spare,
Let us share this whole new purl with you.

Available at Park and Pond, 1422 Grant Avenue, at Union Street (415-217-8864 or parkandpond.com); at percolatingdesign.com, $46-$215.

Photo: Courtesy of Percolating Design 

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1422 Grant Ave
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San Francisco, CA 94133