Presents for Every Personality Type

What a girl really wants

You know her size, sign, and spirit animal, but who is she really? Take cues from her Enneagram personality type and pick a present that goes straight to the heart.

The Achiever
Her schedule is jam-packed. Help her keep it together with a smart canvas tote from new local line Hipp & Kirk. Each bag’s sporty splash of color reminds her life’s not all serious business.

The Reformer
She’s on a mission to make the world a better place. Contribute to her crusade with Soma’s pretty, sustainable glass water filter. She’ll love that a portion of sales goes to the nonprofit Charity: Water.

The Individualist
Her worst fear is looking like everyone else. She can work her own wrap with Maison Scotch’s artsy black tie-dye scarf. No two are exactly alike.

products!The Enthusiast
She’s the last to go home and the first to say yes. Drink to her wild ways with a Laughing Glass cocktail. Made in Mexico, the all-natural mixer is a low-calorie way to get the party started.

The Investigator

She’s a meticulous researcher who can devote an entire day to discovery. Oakville Grocery’s white truffle sustainably farmed almonds keeps her going when she forgets to pause for lunch.

The Loyalist
She defaults to basics and loves all things local. Taylor Stitch’s sea-washed indigo boatneck checks all her boxes: classic, made in California, works with everything.


The Helper
Turn the tables on a people-pleaser by crossing a task off her to-do list. Farmbox SF delivers the best local fruits and veggies to her door, plus a newsletter with cooking ideas, recipes, and storage tips.

The Challenger
Chill out the Enneagram’s aggressor with roll-on scents from Organic Devotion. The pure plant and flower extracts are locally made and designed to vaporize depression, anxiety, and stress.

The Peacemaker
She wants everyone to get along, and she will keep the peace with beautiful confections from Her Coconess. No one can bicker in the presence of vanilla bean salted caramels.

Photos: Kimberly Genevieve / Courtesy of Hipp & Kirk; Celeste Lindahl / Courtesy of Organic Devotion; Courtesy of Taylor Stitch; Courtesy of Laughing Glass; Courtesy of Oakville Grocery; Courtesy of FarmBox SF