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Sprig Delivers Locally Sourced Meals

A former Google chef cooks you dinner

Google has told you where to go, what to read, and who not to date.

Now its former chef will make you dinner.

Meet Sprig, a tech-savvy new food service that delivers gourmet, locally sourced meals to your door in less than twenty minutes.

Former Google chef Nate Keller uses seasonal ingredients to concoct creative dishes, including options for those with dietary restrictions. A recent menu featured gluten- and dairy-free chicken and shrimp paella with sunburst squash; hanger steak with sauteed spinach, garlic mushrooms, and sherry sauce; and tortilla espanola with salsa verde, roasted cauliflower with olives, and frisee salad.

Take your pick from three rotating entrees (two meat, one veggie). All arrive in compostable containers with an artisanal chocolate (think salted caramel chocolate truffle) for dessert.

The search is over.

Available via iPhone app at itunes.apple.com; meals (includes delivery), $12. For more information, go to eatsprig.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Sprig