Go Au Naturel with Native State Beauty Products

A vegan addition to your cosmetics closet

You prefer the scent of cake in your oven, not on your body.

Find an all-natural alternative to sickly sweet lotions with Native State, a new Sacramento-based line of handcrafted beauty products.

Founders Torre Freeman and Rachel Wilens had specific criteria in mind for their
ideal body care products: They would be organic, high quality, vegan, moisturizing, and gender neutral (no frilly floral or sugar cookie scents allowed).

After an herbalist friend taught them how to make artisanal skin care, the two put their ideas in lotion. The result: ecofriendly products that are the beauty world equivalent of a weekend in the woods.

Remedy chapped skin with thick, luscious winter cream, a woodsy concoction of sweet orange, nutmeg, and Scotch pine. For headaches and colds, menthol magic is the organic alternative to Vick’s (tip: Slather it on the sides of your shower for a hot and cool steamy treat).

There are also bath salts, hair tonics, and tattoo polishes.

Just try to keep them away from your boyfriend.

Available at ohmynativestate.com, $15-$35.

Photos: Raoul Ortega / Courtesy of Native State