Speak Your Mind with People I’ve Loved Cards and Such

A local printmaking workshop tells it like it is

people i've loved!

You’re a pro at selfie expression, but you can’t always count on a picture to say the right 1,000 words.

Be sure to get your point across with clever paper goods from People I’ve Loved, a printmaking workshop near Alamo Square.

Using simple designs and materials (cotton paper, recycled stock, rubber inks, screen inks), San Francisco Art Institute alum Carissa Potter Carlson reflects on real-life trysts to inspire every card.

people i've loved!

A tricky crush on a former boss translates into the I Like You So Now What card, a playful diagram of all the ways in which a new relationship could go. The Date You card, the result of a failed fling with a German grad student, puts it bluntly: “I don’t want to date. But I might be down for sex.”

Already got Valentine’s Day under control? Scoop up witty gems for birthdays and holidays or fill-in-the-blank declarations for any occasion.

You know, for sharing your feelings in a snap.

Available at Little Paper Planes, 855 Valencia Street, between 19th and 20th Streets (415-643-4616); at peopleiveloved.com, $5.

Photos: Courtesy of People I’ve Loved 

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