Learn Something Fun with Fullosophie

Cake baking, flower arranging, calligraphy, and more


Your first reaction when pondering whether to learn a new skill: Can I find that on YouTube?

Step away from the screen and get a real-life lesson care of Fullosophie’s roster of experiential workshops. The new hobby marketplace places high-end craftspeople (florists, cooks, furniture makers) in memorable settings (vineyards, flea markets) to create one-of-a-kind classroom instruction with a throwback feel.

Founders and childhood besties Jessica Shain and Tarin Holcomb founded the site to help small business owners showcase their skills and lure like-minded people away from their digital worlds for an old-fashioned, hands-on hang.

Spend the day in wine country with an acclaimed photographer learning to make the most of natural light, sip bubbly while discovering the art of calligraphy, or hit the Alameda Flea Market to shop with a stylist and designer.

Got a talent to share? Get in touch online. If you’re a fit, Shain and Holcomb map out an experience for your future pupils.

And your Instagram feed.

To find a class, go to fullosophie.com, $50-$375.

Photo: Meng Yiren / Getty Images