San Francisco Health and Wellness Guide 2014

Five new ways to get healthy this year

can can cleanse!

Ah, 2013 is just a sweet memory. Time to fill your plate with a revved-up ballet class, sleek workout clothes, and an addictive seaweed snack.

Cleanse a New Way
We’ve always been fans of the Can Can Cleanse, but this year the Pacific Heights company gives us something more to chew on. From now until mid February, sign up for the Ra-Ra Cleanse ($215), a three-day program of vegetable and fruit juices, warming teas, seasonal soups, and a giant Blue Barn Gourmet detox salad for dinner.

Visit a Naturopath
This month, SenSpa welcomes naturopathic doctor Claire Graser to its team. Graser uses a variety of therapies (clinical nutrition, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, botanical medicine) to assess health concerns from fatigue to women’s issues. Your 90-minute initial visit ($225-$275) includes a thorough health history, physical exam, diagnosis, and treatment. Follow up with 30-minute individualized sessions ($125-$175) as necessary.


Gear Up Good
Designer Diana Mitchell’s new line of activewear, DDCC ($37-$125), goes against trend (basic black, bright neon) to provide a fun and refined alternative (sleek gray, sexy cuts). The collection includes ten styles in three colorways, all engineered with anti-muffin top waistbands and slimming seams.

Snack on Seaweed
Turn the tide on your kale addiction with Ocean’s Halo seaweed chips ($2-$4), the brainchild of four Bay Area dads. Scoop up the nutrient-dense (a great source of vitamins A, B, C, E, and K, plus minerals including iodine, selenium, and iron) snacks in four gluten-free flavors: chili lime, sea salt, Korean BBQ, and hot and spicy.

Hit the Bar
You want a dancer’s physique, but the rigor of ballet class makes you want to kick up your heels and run. Enter Avant-Barre, an upbeat new Potrero Hill studio offering Black Swan moves for Step Up personalities. With a mix of effective choreography (workouts utilize the Lotte Berk exercise method) and thoughtful playlists, the 55-minute sessions ($33 for three classes) promise to tighten and tone without boring your brains out.

You’ve got eleven and a half months left.

Photos: Stacey Ventura Photography / Courtesy of Can Can Cleanse; Courtesy of DDCC

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