Pillow Talk

We don’t know how to tell you this, but you may as well hear it from us.

It’s about your sofa.

It’s lonely. While you’re gallivanting around town, it sits alone without anything but that icky old Guatemalan throw to keep it company.

Couch therapy is just a polyfill home accessory away. Restyle your sofa with pillows from Niche Designs. On the hypoallergenic, handmade pillows, antique satin meets felt appliques, sequins, and various trims. They even make rickrack look cool, which hasn’t happened since, well, ever. With a few of these babies piled on, your sofa will be happier than it’s been in years.

It may not even notice when you’re gone.

Available at Ruby, 3602 20th Street, at Valencia Street (415-550-8052). To see styles, go to nichesf.com.