Food & Drink

We're Jammin'

In elementary school, nothing said more about you than what you ate for lunch.

Twinkies: extremely tradable. Egg salad: major liability.

And peanut butter and jelly: cafeteria gold.

Perhaps that’s why we all still love it. Now, with the help of local jam company cmbsweets, you can take the classic food staple to a whole new level. Owner Carolina Braunschweig makes all-natural preserves in delicious flavors like kiwi lime ginger, pomegranate, olallieberry (yeah, we’d never heard of it either, but it turns out to be a kind of elongated blackberry), and fig — all in her own kitchen. And at three bucks a jar, it’s a treat anyone can afford to indulge in. Spread it on toast, take a jar over to your neighbor, add a dollop to a blintz, or grab a spoon and dig straight into the jar.

After all, that’s what you would have done in elementary school.

Available online at cmbsweets.com.