Kitchen Confidence

You love the idea of a dinner party. The dramatic table setting, the intimate mood, the nonstop accolades for your remarkable culinary skills.

If only you had some.

So you’re a little green with the cleaver. No problem. Sign up for a cooking course at City College of San Francisco Continuing Education, and you’ll be entertaining in no time. Each $40 class teaches you to create a full meal in the style of a single region. “Take the Confusion Out of Fusion” will have you whipping up pistachio-encrusted red snapper with lemon crème; enroll in “Moroccan Cuisine” and you’ll learn how to make lamb-and-garbanzo pancakes. There’s even a class called “Dining Drama and Setting Moods,” which in addition to teaching you how to cook, includes tips on decorating and presentation.

Though you seem to have those bases covered already.

City College of San Francisco Continuing Education (415-561-1860 or ccsf.edu).