Going Dutch

Anyone can look sexy and graceful in a pair of hot, overpriced stilettos.

But it takes serious panache to pull off clogs.

Fortunately, San Francisco artist Nathan Tan has made it a little easier to wear the notorious clunkers. This fall he’s hand-painted a collection of limited-edition beauties, which come in color combos like red and gold or lilac and silver spatter-paint patterns, with an edge that reflects Nate’s background in graffiti.

If you aren’t fast enough to grab a pair, you’ll get your chance later on: This is an ongoing art project that Doe is doing with various local designers.

Who knows where your new clog obsession will lead? You can dress them down with jeans, spruce them up with a mini, or if you’re feeling really confident, trot them out with a party dress.

Just don’t leave your panache at home.

Available at Doe, 629a Haight Street, between Pierce and Steiner Streets (415-558-8588).