Heal, Girl

In San Francisco, the search for holistic healing can lead to some pretty scary places.

Like the time you tried acupuncture and spent the entire time trying to dodge the practitioner’s armpit hair. It’s no wonder you ran screaming from the clinic.

Acupuncturist Joanna Shell is a refreshing alternative to the alternative medicine norm. With an impossibly cute Union Street office and a personality to match, Joanna attracts loyal clients with her cheese-free approach to healing. Instead of Birkenstocks or a clinical lab coat, she prefers knee-high boots and stylish accessories. You won’t explore your inner child or trade quotes from the I Ching unless you want to. More likely, you’ll be trading fashion tips and cooing at her adorable pugs, Miles and Lola. You’ll leave feeling refreshed, centered, and totally ungrossed-out.

Which should be a nice change of pace.

Joanna Shell, L.Ac., 1750 Union Street, between Octavia and Gough Streets (415-905-4219 or needlemaster.com).