Dressed to Kill

It’s almost inevitable.

You’re invited to a black-tie event. You blow two paychecks on the most insane dress. The night of the big gala, you look across the room to see Slavia Tofashion wearing the same frock.

Dang, you mutter, cramming a handful of canapés into your mouth, while downing another glass of bubbly.

Aw, hon. Don’t let it happen again. Get a Christina Hurvis dress. Known for her custom wedding gowns, Christina realized her fashion sense was needed on more occasions than just the big day. Hence her new line of couture evening gowns. Step into her SoMa loft for an initial consultation. If you already know what you want, she’ll present you with several drawings based on your ideas. And if you need some guidance, she can take you through the various options. Once you’ve approved one, she’ll create a muslin (i.e. rough draft) of the actual dress. Then, if you’re 100 percent happy with the fit, she’ll design your dress in the fabric, color, and details (crinkle chiffon tie, Swarovski crystals, pin-tuck detailing, silk ribbon appliqués, or couture stitching) of your choice.

Of course, this sort of thing comes at a steep price (dresses start at $2,500 — yikes!).

But perhaps — just perhaps — it’ll be worth every penny to know that Slavia will be left in the dust of your fashion prowess.

Christina Hurvis, by appointment only (415-896-0116).