Saint Kilda's Fire

Katie Diamond and Nora Kogan weren’t an obvious match. Katie’s an FIT-educated New York City fashion chick; Nora, a laid-back, Australian-bred sun and surf type.

But when they came together nine months ago to start St. Kilda’s jewelry line, something amazing was born.

Feast your eyes on necklaces and earrings with dangling gold feathers and, our favorite, threadlike stackable rings with fragile flowers in yellow and rose gold. Diaphanous and dreamy, the jewelry builds up the contrast of primitive yet modern, polished in a way that allows the raw materials to shine through.

The result is a collection that looks as appropriate at the beach as it does on a shopping trip through Union Square.

Much like the chicks who created it.

Available at Heather, 2408 Fillmore Street, at Washington Street (415-409-4410).