Flower Power

When it comes to plant life, you’re not what’s known as a nurturer.

In fact, after several years of well-intentioned, but ultimately homicidal, attempts at horticulture, you’ve finally accepted the fact that plants have no place in your home.

Thankfully, you can still indulge your fondness for flora with Dutch artist Tord Boontje’s striking home accessories. Pairing his innovative artistic vision with industrial design techniques, Boontje’s hangings are made using Tyvek, a strong, synthetic, paper-like material that resembles one of those impossible-to-open overnight express envelopes. The modern fixtures come in the form of curtains and light fixtures in colors like white, fuchsia, fire, and lemon-lime. They’re the perfect thing to jazz up a boring room.

And, thank heaven for small miracles, these faux blooms don’t need constant rehydration like those of the potted or vase-arranged variety, so they’re nearly impossible to destroy.

Even for the likes of you.

Available at Friend, 401 Hayes Street, at Gough Street (415-552-1717); or Zinc Details, 1905 Fillmore Street, between Bush and Pine Streets (415-776-2100). To see styles, go to tordboontje.com.