Makeup 101

It’s the same old story. You shower, blow-dry, dress, apply makeup. Give yourself the nod of approval, head to the corner bistro to meet your pal Liz. You see her at the banquette — and it hits you.

The ugly duckling syndrome.

Why, dear Lordy Lord, why does she always look so damn good?

It’s not her style. (Yours is way better.) It’s her face. It’s got something yours just doesn’t.

Time for a makeup lesson from Hillary Clark, a beauty fashion show and photo shoot vet, who will teach you how to look your best (i.e. better than Liz) in a few hours. Show up at her studio with your makeup bag — in all its embarrassing glory. (She won’t laugh at the Zinc Pink lipstick you’ve been wearing since sixth grade.) You’ll discuss your current regimen, tell her what your problem areas are (blotchy skin, dark circles, acne), and let her know the look you’re going for. She’ll weed out the products worth keeping (more than you’d expect) and suggest additions. Then Hillary will teach you how to use your makeup. (You think you know, but you so don’t.)

You’ll leave feeling beautiful, hot as all heck …

And ready to meet Liz for dinner.

Hillary Clark, Blush Beauty (415-248-9312 or blushbeauty.com).