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But is it Art?

You wouldn’t exactly refer to yourself as artsy-fartsy.

But other people have.

Maybe they know something you don’t. (Even if they are using horribly outdated terminology.)

Head down to the just-opened Madrone Lounge, a bar-cum-gallery space that’s a haven for art lovers (both the self-proclaimed and those in denial). Owner Leila Fakouri jumped through hoops (neighborhood meetings, petitions, letters, hearings, and even the police) to open the joint, and it was worth the effort.

It feels like you’re in your funky aunt’s living room: reupholstered couches, dark blue walls, vintage-inspired light fixtures. Order a cocktail made with infused vodka and put some money in the jukebox (the selection ranges from Johnny Cash to the Clash) before you sit back down. And don’t forget to check out the art. (Don’t be shy. It’s why everyone else is here, too.)

The current exhibit, “Plexus,” features paintings, photographs, and mixed media by eleven artists. Shows change every two months. There’s live music (ambient to indie) on Wednesday nights and DJs other nights, so there’s plenty to distract.

Who knows — you may finally come to terms with your true nature.

Madrone Lounge, 500 Divisadero Street, at Fell Street (415-241-0202 or madronelounge.com).