At Your Service

My, aren’t we the fancy-shmancy executive suite-dwelling bigwig.

Sure, life’s swell — at the office, where your leather ergonomic desk chair and Treo keep things moving smoothly. But the rest of your life? A train wreck. You haven’t picked up your drycleaning in months, your idea of dinner is Frosted Flakes at 11 p.m. (no milk), and — yikes — was it Mom’s birthday last week?

Don’t fret. If you’ve got the money ($25 or more an hour), Lisa Tunney’s got the time to pick up the pieces of your highly disorganized existence. Owner of The Personal Concierge, Lisa has spent the last two years channeling her retail management and event planning background into concierge services, which include, well, just about everything you don’t have time to do. Tunney runs errands, shops, makes calls, plans parties, organizes closets, wraps gifts, cleans garages, schedules travel, and even gussies up for-sale homes and condos. She’ll do just about anything except housecleaning and babysitting.

With Lisa on the job, you’ll finally be able to bask in the glory of yours.

Lisa Tunney (415-751-1069 or thepersonalconcierge.com); or e-mail info@thepersonalconcierge.com.