Bridezilla ... I Just Met a Girl Named Bridezilla ...

Insert any old cliche here. About being careful what you wish for. About not being able to see the forest for the trees. About being a chicken with your head cut off.

Sheesh. Who knew planning a wedding would take this much out of you?

Fear not. DailyCandy’s here to make the second half of your planning process a breeze with the next installment of our countdown to the big day.

T Minus 6 Months

marina morrison! The Dress: The no-brainer? Marina Morrison, a one-stop shop with a breathtaking, well-edited selection of bridal gowns from Christiana Couture, Peter Langner, Richard Glasgow, Evalina Schmidtke Couture, and Wearkstatt. A fave among the savviest of brides is Amy Kuschel. With good reason, too. For a surprisingly reasonable price, she will whip up an elegant, modern gown in true couture style. Need a miracle tailor? Maribel Mora is your gal (415-929-8624).

carrot and stick press! The Paper Products: This season it’s all about the unconventional: Carrot & Stick Press does it best with custom designs that’ll set the perfect tone for your celebration. For future Mr. & Mrs. Fancy Pants, Union Street Papery offers a smorgasbord of printing options: engraving, letterpress, thermography, or lithography. And finally, A Day In May turns out playful designs in vibrant colors.

T Minus 5 Months

saeyoung vu! The Bridesmaid’s Dress: Hands down, the best place for bridesmaid garb in the city is Something Blue, which carries dresses by Coren Moore, Saeyoung Vu, and Notice. Bella Bridesmaid is another spot with a great selection.

jeanine payer! The Gifts: Give them something to think about with a memorable piece of Jeanine Payer’s jewelry (762 Market Street, 415-788-2417). Or a silk clutch from Lauren Merkin will be cherished for many affairs to come.

T Minus 4 Months

cakework! The Cake: For a stunner, try Cakework, which was formed when a sculptor became a baker. The result? Genius. Another sure bet: Emily Dolan Wedding Cakes. And for quirkier types, Butterfly Cakes does a lovely job.

T Minus 3 Months

recchiuti! The Party Favors: Send guests off with a little piece of heaven: personalized chocolates from Recchiuti Confections.

T Minus 2 Months

The Dancing Lessons: Hubby-to-be has two left feet? Sign up for dance lessons at the Renaissance Ballroom, where they’ve been honing their craft for over 40 years.

T Minus 1 Month

blush beauty! Beauty Team: Don’t leave your makeup job to your “creative” maid of honor. Call the experts. Hillary Clark of Blush Beauty will have you looking downright perfect. Added bonus: Her calm, soothing manner is bound to rub off on your anxiety-ridden self. Other good choices? Taylor Pham and Maria O’Reilly (415-307-5543).

Cleaning and Preservation: That dress cost big bucks, so you’ll want to take care of it. Hand it over to the guys at Peninou French Laundry & Dry Cleaners (3063 Laguna Street, 415-351-2554).

See? You feel better already. And whatever you do, don’t forget: It’s always darkest before dawn.