Out on a Limb

Some things are meant to be left to chance. Illegal parking. Bank account balances. Blind dates.

When it comes to your appearance, however, there should be no margin of error.

So put your face in the capable hands of Liz Dulcich. Beautician extraordinaire Liz built a cultish following during her two-year stint at Marilyn Jaeger. Best known for her customized peels and perfect brow shaping, she’s just branched out on her own. You can now find her tucked away in the back of Janis Chakler Skin Care on Chestnut Street, where she’s happily doing her thing in her own little Marina hideaway. And her amazing services can all be had at affordable prices: Five-step peels are $35–$55, brow shaping is $20, and Brazilians are $40. Not bad, considering she’s known for making them just about painless.

That’s another area where you really don’t want to take chances.

Liz Dulcich, 2458 Chestnut Street, between Divisadero and Broderick Streets (415-567-4883). By appointment only.