Homing In

A house is not necessarily a home. (Nor is an apartment, a loft, or a condo, for that matter.)

How to make it one? Cross the Threshold.

In this case, we mean the new home store Threshold in Presidio Heights. Owner and interior designer Kendall Wilkinson believes that your habitat directly affects all aspects of your life. Which is why she has filled the 3,000-square-foot space with beautiful things: antique French furniture and accessories, Missoni home collection items, Bruce DaMonte photographs, Adam P. Gale sculptures, and her own line of custom furniture.

With a background in a wide range of styles from classical to contemporary, Kendall will help you choose furnishings that will turn your place into a sanctuary you’ll never want to leave (okay, maybe sometimes).

Of course, such luxury doesn’t come cheap.

But it’s worth it for a house you truly can call home.

Threshold, 3419 Sacramento Street, between Walnut and Laurel Streets (415-409-1966).