Double Trouble

Some things were made to go together. Cashmere and tweed. The Apprentice and a box of Raisinets. Magazines and chocolate.

Yep, you heard right. Tucked inside a narrow storefront in the Financial District, Fog City News stocks a killer collection of mags (over 700 foreign titles alone) and chocolate bars (over 150 different kinds). It started out like any other newsstand — until owner Adam Smith realized that no one was truly filling the huge demand for high-end premium chocolate. So, being the genius entrepreneur he is (the guy has a name to live up to after all. Supply, demand — remember?), Adam learned everything he could about chocolate by tasting — count ’em — over 1,500 different kinds.

While you’re there, have an old-fashioned soda pop to wash down the chocolate, as well as imported and domestic tobacco to smoke (you naughty thing) while you peruse the racks.

Reading, of course, some article about how new scientific research shows that trashy tabloids, Marlboro reds, and vast quantities of sugar and fat are really quite good for you.

But only when consumed together, natch.

Fog City News, 455 Market Street, between First and Fremont Streets (415-543-7400).