All the Raj

You’re an in-the-know type. You know the best trainer in town, the best stops in Napa, and the quickest way to cook a meal for 20.

But how much do you know about life?

We’re talking about Ayurveda, the ancient Indian practice whose name translates to “knowledge of life.” Find out more about it at Kamalaspa, a new day spa and salon in Union Square.

Owners Chris and Amber Marie Bently traveled all over Rajasthan to discover the 6,000-year-old healing rituals firsthand. Combining that knowledge, the expertise of an Ayurvedic doctor, and lavish decor, the duo created a sanctuary swathed in silks, bronze hand-crafted lotuses, and marble.

While the menu ranges from hot lather shaves for guys to pedicures, facials, and hair care, we recommend the indulgent Abhyanga Four Hands massage (yep — four hands). Between the views over Union Square and the posh surroundings, you’ll have an expanded knowledge of life.

The best part of this school of life? No homework.

Kamalaspa, 240 Stockton Street, at Maiden Lane, seventh floor (415-217-7700 or kamalaspa.com).