Warm It Up

Okay, so maybe the leg warmers didn’t exactly work out. You bought them last winter, hoping they’d give you that Jennifer-Beals-in-Flashdance, neo-retro look. How were you to know you’d end up resembling a lunatic aerobics instructor?

But even if leg warmers weren’t the right place to start your retro fashion adventure, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on the era altogether. Check out Miss Fitt’s striped wool cuffs. Equal parts glove and sweater cuff, they’re the right dose of ’80s with a modern edge. Designed by local Wendy Allen, the cuffs are handmade with 100 percent wool felt. Contact her directly, and you can even create your own preppy (lilac and seafoam) or punk (bubblegum and black) color combinations.

In fact, it kind of achieves that “I’m a dancer and a welder” look you’ve been craving.

Just don’t let your French manicure give you away.

Available at Manifesto, 514 Octavia Street, at Hayes Street (415-431-4778); or Alaya, 1256 Ninth Avenue, at Irving Street (415-731-2681). For custom orders, call 415-487-0423.
Check out styles at missfitt.com.