Foot Notes

Chocolate. Always a good remedy for what ails you. Awful day at the office? Break out the Toblerone. Brawl with the boyfriend? Reach for the M&M’s. Run your feet off? Soak those babies in cocoa.

Really. The gals at Lavande Nail Spa have devised the newest way to bring chocolate to the rescue: the Like Water for Chocolate pedicure.

Strip off your shoes and dip your dogs into a cocoa milk bath scented with vanilla and chocolate. After being meticulously cleaned, your feet are exfoliated with a chocolate scrub. (Note: They take their scrubs very seriously.) Next a Dead Sea mud mask is rubbed on to your legs and feet. Then you sit back, read a magazine, and sip on hot chocolate while the mud does its thing (i.e. detoxifies and restores energy). Finally, the mask is rinsed off, and an amazing massage with cocoa butter mousse sends you straight into a blissfully relaxed state.

Once the color of your choice has been applied (wow, they do a perfect job), the deed is done. If your pedicure chips within a week, just head straight back to the scene of the crime, as Lavande has a seven-day no-chip policy.

As if you’ll need an excuse to go back.

Lavande Nail Spa, 113 Carl Street, at Cole Street (415-566-5333).