In Good Hands

You eschew highlights. (Overpriced lily-gilding.) You don’t believe in facials. (Froufrou nonsense.) And massages? Purely for the weak. (Life is pain.)

Basically, you’re as low-maintenance as they come. Except when it comes to your hands and feet. There’s just something about a truly great mani-pedi that melts your stoic little heart.

Teashi, the new spot whose name means “hands and feet” in Japanese, couldn’t agree more. The space is all done up in the colors of Neapolitan ice cream, with pink Japanese toile wallpaper, brown overstuffed chairs, light pink tiled foot baths, and pearlized chandeliers.

First, plop yourself down on a comfy chair and plunge your feet into a tub of bubbles. Then try a signature treatment ($45 for the mani-pedi combo) or go all out with the Spa Deluxe (which includes a 10-minute foot massage), the Sports Relief pedicure, or the Antiaging manicure. Teashi takes hygiene very seriously, so no fungus fears — just luxe treatment, friendly service, and a top-quality paint job. All the special treatment your hands and feet could ever want.

Without costing you an arm and a leg.

Teashi, 2340 Polk Street, between Green and Union Streets (415-749-0990).