Life of Riley

Getting your man to the local pub is a breeze.

Getting your man to shop is like pedaling against the wind.

The solution? Combine the two.

Nicki Osina, owner of the Riley James clothing boutique on Fillmore, understands the male psyche. That’s why her new men’s store has what men really want: beer.

And that’s not all. Plasma screens with sporting events, pinball machines, vintage arcade faves like Donkey Kong and Atari, and — what’s this? — a kegerator with rotating monthly sponsors. Tossed in with all the fun are select brands that echo the edgy, fresh, sometimes crazy vibe that the Riley James women’s store has brought to the hood: Army of No!, Marshall Artist, Puma, Punk Royal, Chip & Pepper, and Initium sunglasses, to name a few.

But best not to mention that.

Wouldn’t want him to catch on to the fact that he’s actually shopping.

Riley James, 3027 Fillmore Street, at Union Street (415-775-7956).