Raining Cats and Dogs

If your life were any more on track, you’d have “Amtrak” stamped on your forehead. Devoted boyfriend? Check. Swinging social life? Yuh huh. Kickass job that actually supports your spenny lifestyle? Yup (thank God).

Except. There’s a void. Some extra love to give. If only you had something small and cute to give it to.

Whoa, nelly. We’re not talking the human variety. (Not yet.)

We’re talking about Furry Friends Rescue, an all-volunteer non-profit rescue organization that saves dogs and cats from euthanasia at Bay area shelters. Each critter receives veterinary attention, gets spayed or neutered, and is placed in a loving foster home. They’ve rescued over 3,500 dogs and cats since 1998. (Now that’s impressive.)

Check out the pals up for adoption on the Website. Want a wee one? Denny, an eight-week-old terrier mix, looks like a really good boy. Not quite up for puppy-proofing your pad? Lucky is a laid-back six-year-old cocker spaniel who just wants some love. Oh, you’re a cat person? No Name1 is dying for a happy home (and a name). Pick your pal, fill out the online adoption application, and find out just how rewarding pet ownership can be.

Now you’re really on the right track.

For more information, to see available pets, or to fill out an application, go to furryfriendsrescue.org.