For All Girlkind

As drag queens, pop stars, and pinup girls have made abundantly clear, girliness comes in many shapes and sizes.

But our current favorite examples of its scope and breadth? The works of artists Yumiko Kayukawa, Wanyu Chou, and Lisa Alisa all on display now at The Shooting Gallery.

The three up-and-coming artists have entirely different backgrounds (Kayukawa is Japanese, Chou is Taiwanese, and Alisa claims to be “a citizen of the world”), but their paintings have a common thread: They all feature Asian-vibed, ultra-feminine images with pop-cultural references in vibrant colors. Kayukawa’s “Hard Time” is a Cinderella-like study of a girl scrubbing the floor against a backdrop of cartoonish hearts and strawberries. Alisa’s “Goldfish” depicts a platinum-haired girl surrounded by koi. Panda bears, kimono-clad women, and Medusa-esque hairdos also make an appearance. It’s all in good, cheeky fun.

And wonderfully, strangely, multifariously girly.

The works of Yumiko Kayukawa, Wanyu Chou, and Lisa Alisa are on display January 11-February 5 at The Shooting Gallery, 839 Larkin Street, between Geary and O’Farrell Streets (415-931-8035 or shootinggallerysf.com).