Raiders of the Lost Art

Your first few years out of college have come to be known as the Found Art years. As in, you decorated your home with stuff you found — in thrift stores, in your parents’ attic, on the street (hey, it worked for Marcel Duchamp).

Let the next few be known as the Lost Art years.

Lost Art is a service that helps folks like you find cool vintage art at reasonable prices. The partners, frustrated by the dearth of affordable art for young buyers, decided to put their backgrounds in ceramics and art history to good use. They scour estate sales and flea markets for works with pretty aesthetics and design, clean and restore the pieces, find a frame appropriate for each one, and then sell it to you at prices ranging from $150 to $500. With up to 300 works on hand from the ’20s through the ’70s (with the majority from the ’40s and ’50s), there’s bound to be something right for that little patch of empty wall. Or, in your case, something to replace that old bicycle-seat “sculpture” in the corner.

It’s definitely time for that to get lost.

Lost Art  245 South Van Ness, Suite 303 (415-252-8994 or lostartca.com).