Home Wreckers

Somehow makeovers have turned into do-overs — no doubt thanks to all the television shows promoting the slash-and-burn technique of “improving” your face and home. But extreme doesn’t necessarily equal good. Need an example? Tara Reid’s turgid twins.

Need another? The battering ram you’re about to use on your dining room wall.

Whoa. Step away from the power drill, princess. Instead, decorate the old-fashioned way with a Wallter three-dimensional wood sculpture. Your space will take on a whole new look with the singular starburst or an array of retro slats designs. Going for that “I’m-so-artsy” look? Grab hold of an ensemble of circles or squares to create a one-of-a-kind pattern. The applications come with peel-away backs, so they can be mounted to almost any interior wall or door. Bonus: The sculptures come primed and ready to be painted in the color of your choice.

A home improvement project that’s sure to make you hold your chin up high.

Without any implants involved.

Available at Propeller, 555 Hayes Street, between Laguna and Octavia Streets (415-701-7767). To see styles, go to foldbedding.com.