A Rose is a Rose is a ...

The demise of Brad and Jen has caused a nationwide outbreak of soul-searching (or at least tabloid-browsing). Shell-shocked Americans are left to wonder: Is true love dead?

The answer: not dead, friends. But in need of some serious rehabilitation.

Head to downtown’s new flower shop Au Nom de la Rose, the first U.S. outpost of the famous Parisian floral chain, for the initial step toward healing. What to expect? Roses, roses, and more roses in stunning varieties, from the round short-stem bouquet (for a mere fifteen bucks) to gorgeous arrangements. Being experts (and being French), Au Nom de la Rose works only with the best, and in this case, the stunners come from a grower in Petaluma and are delivered to the shop daily. Got a special request — say, a bouquet in her favorite shade of lilac? They’ll get them for you.

But whatever you do, don’t ask for a monochromatic selection — these flower nazis won’t oblige. They insist that there’s more harmony in a bunch with three to four shades of a single color. Hey, might as well take their advice.

We Americans could use a little more harmony in our lives, don’t you think?

Au Nom de la Rose, 224 Kearny Street, between Bush and Sutter Streets (415-986-3834).