Batting a Thousand

The Top Five Reasons to Wear Fake Eyelashes:

1. You’re going as Tammy Faye Bakker for Halloween.
2. They’re cheaper than any other falsies.
3. Your flirting skills are a little rusty.
4. They’re fun to pull off at the end of the night.
5. You were born without any. (Hey, it happens.)

But where to go for your lash fix? The Lash Bar at the new Shu Uemura store on Fillmore. Choose from more than 20 lashes (what options!), have a lash stylist apply them, and you’re good to go. At just ten bucks, they’re the cheapest accessory around.

Need more convincing? Your pals Madonna and J.Lo have Mr. Uemura customize eyelashes for their tours. And if you can’t find a pair to suit your style, he’ll do the same for you — for a party, big night out, or whatever.

It’s not like you need a reason.

Shu Uemura, 1971 Fillmore Street, at Pine Street (415-395-0953).