Birds of a Feather

You are, sad to say, a total stare-stalker.

Spot something you like and your eyes stick like rubber cement. Not such a problem when it’s an eclair (which tends not to mind being objectified), but when it’s someone’s vintage bag, ogling makes the wrong impression.

But Sunny Walker doesn’t care. In fact, at Painted Bird, Walker’s new resale boutique in the Mission, she wants you to look, buy, sell, and swap. Delightfully mothball-scent free, the light, gallery-esque space is stocked with a thoughtful selection of modern and vintage for both men and women.

Unique finds include batik wrap dresses, black-and-white striped flats, cashmere sweaters, and the occasional designer score. (No, your eyes do not deceive: That’s a perfectly good Marc Jacobs corduroy skirt.) Most everything is from Walker’s own fabulous collection; she’s all about sharing.

So quit your staring, trade in those old threads, and get all eyes on you.

Painted Bird, 1201A Guerrero Street, at 24th Street (415-401-7027).