Dream Team

How are you supposed to feel good about yourself?

Your bank account’s current balance is close to zero. You’re single without a prospect in sight. And your thighs touch when you walk.

But really now. Does it have to be all about you?

Get over yourself. Become a mentor to a kid age 10 to 14 through City of Dreams, a nonprofit dedicated to enhancing the lives of youth living in San Francisco’s public housing communities.

Here’s what you need to do: Show up at an informational orientation so you know what fun you’re in for. Submit an application and background check from the Department of Justice. Attend a one-day training class. Depending on how much time you have to give, you can choose to be either a group or a one-on-one mentor. You and your mentee will go on adventures to places like Muir Woods, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and Slide Ranch, as well as go golfing, have barbecues, play sports, and decorate Christmas trees.

It’s a meaningful relationship that will make you feel terrific about yourself.

Because it’s actually about someone else.

For more information or to sign up, go to city-of-dreams.org.