Sew What?

For most, a closet is just a place to house their clothes. For you, it’s a walk-in guilt trip.

The sundress with the tags still attached? Part of a weight-loss incentive campaign gone awry. The trousers bought on impulse at Neiman’s? You meant to hem those suckers back in ’04.

Lucky for your beleaguered conscience, tailor Edel Claudio worked for Giorgio Armani before setting up shop in San Francisco. And the man can sew.

Say the word, and he’ll update your old Paper Denims with a cigarette leg. That pencil skirt you swore would fit once you renounced ice cream? He’ll let out the seams to give you another half inch. Bring him a photo of something you like, and he’ll make you your own bespoke version.

What’s more, his rates are extremely reasonable.

Which is more than you can say about your wackles buying history.

Edel Custom Tailors, 4240 18th Street, between Diamond and Collingwood Streets (415-255-0153).