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The Greens Room

Birkenstocks and patchouli are to you what garlic and sunlight are to the average vampire. Deadly. (And smelly.)

What if saving the planet and living the good life could go hand in hand?

Like at Mixt Greens, the brand new ecogourmet lunch spot in the Financial District. Delve into salads made of organic ingredients in a space built “green” with sustainable and recycled materials.

Culinary school graduates stand at the ready to mix your salad. Order one of the house selections, like the Bachelor with steak and potatoes or the Marley with shrimp and mango. Or design your own with your choice of greens, a protein (seared ahi tuna or duck confit), and local vegetables (frizzled leeks and roasted eggplant).

If you have to run, rest assured that the takeaway packaging is made from an earth-friendly corn by-product. And if you insist on leaving no trace, get a handheld salad wrapped in warm lavash bread.

Enjoying these environmentally friendly dishes may not mean you’re a bona fide tree-hugger.

But there’s nothing wrong with the occasional squeeze, Missy.

Mixt Greens, 120 Sansome Street, between Pine and Bush Streets (415-433-6498).

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120 Sansome St
bt Bush & Pine Sts
San Francisco, CA 94104