Play with Your Food

You used to run for cover during lunchroom food fights.

If only you’d known then the miracles a little guacamole can work on your irritated skin.

These days you’ll pay to be slathered in unusual ingredients: Spa Radiance’s California Roll uses the makings of the popular sushi lover’s delight (minus crustaceans — ew) to heal and nourish your body.

The 90-minute service begins with a sea salt and sesame seed scrub. Next you (a.k.a. the crab) are slathered in a cucumber seaweed body mask. A thermal blanket heats you up and draws out toxins and impurities while encouraging absorption of the seaweed’s vital nutrients. A massage of avocado oil enriched with vitamin E leaves the skin so smooth and silky, you’ll think you’re back in high school.

Minus the need to dodge the odd airborne chili dog.

Available at Spa Radiance, 3011 Fillmore Street, at Union Street (415-346-6281 or sparadiance.com).

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3011 Fillmore St
@ Union St
San Francisco, CA 94123