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Su Me

You hardly expect red carpets to be rolled out every time you dine out, but you wouldn’t turn your nose up at a little fanfare.

At Bong Su, the new restaurant from chef Tammy Huynh and Anne Le (the gals behind Tamarine) opening tomorrow, you’ll get the Vietnamese royal treatment.

Amber light, smiling statues, and the sweet fragrance of plumeria fill the narrow 6,000-square-foot space. And the striking of a massive gong signals the start and close of kitchen service.

Sup family style at one of the communal tables in the dining room or go low-key with a cocktail in the moody 50-seat lounge. The menu focuses on small plates from North, South, and Central Vietnam, like five-spice honey-roasted quail, tea-smoked duck rolls, and exotic rice dishes with turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon.

Ask the Calvin Tran-clad waitstaff to draw the curtains in the VIP booth or to rearrange one of the movable screens to accommodate your party.

Honestly, they’re happy to make a fuss.

Bong Su Restaurant & Lounge, 311 Third Street, at Folsom Street (415-536-5800).