Surf and Sandler

Dr. Seth may have put the kibosh on your sun-worshiping ways, but just because you’ve ditched the baby oil in favor of head-to-toe SPF 60, doesn’t mean you can’t look the part.

Inspired by the sun-loving ’70s, designer Brette Sandler conjures the age of the deep tan with her retro swimwear line, even if she wasn’t born until a decade later.

Super-sexy string bikinis with details like wood beading and delicate gold chains are perfect for showing off your new Yoga Hop bod. Itsy-bitsy bandeau tops make for minimal tan lines while shirred one-pieces provide more coverage with maximum glam appeal.

The suits come in tawny metallics and bright bubblegum hues that give your skin a bronzed glow — even if you’ve surrendered to camping out beneath an umbrella.

But no matter where you’re sitting in these hot little numbers, chances are good that the crowds will be worshiping you.

Available at Divine Girls, 340 Presidio Avenue, at Sacramento Street (415-409-4901). To see styles, go to brettesandler.com.