Animal House

You’re always up for a good romp in the bedroom (or any room for that matter).

So you’ll be quite pleased with Romp’s wallpaper menagerie. The Brooklyn-based store has a line of exotic animals hand-cut from vintage ’60s and ’70s wallpaper that brings serious life to any drab wall.

The DIY kit contains the animal silhouette of your choice (lion, giraffe, elephant, or crocodile), glue, a brush for application, and easy instructions. And although they are meant for kiddies’ rooms, we find they bring just the right amount of kitschy fun to your bedroom, office, or kitchen.

Plus, at around $80 each, they’re far less expensive (and sure to muster up much more interesting conversations) than a pretentious piece of art would.

Not to mention, they’ll undoubtedly bring out the animal in you.

Available online at rompbklyn.com.