Scrap Happy

Decorating would be so much easier if you had computer powers. Hideous light fixture? Delete. Unassembled furniture? Auto format. Dark room? Open new window.

And cut and paste, which is how Lorena Siminovich, the SF-based artist behind Petit Collage, creates her adorable collages.

Made from found, vintage, and recycled papers pasted onto maple plywood, her limited-edition pieces showcase friendly creatures, yummy fruits, and tiny clothing. You might find sheet music on your songbird, blueprints on your blue whale, or sewing patterns on your summer dress.

The works are petite (ten by ten inches), so they can fit into the most tightly edited spaces. Big-eyed owls spiff up baby’s room. Bold apples brighten the kitchen. Each piece can be personalized with a name, date, or initials.

So you’ll have no trouble remembering to save.

Available at Lavish, 540 Hayes Street, between Octavia and Laguna Streets (415-565-0540); online at petitcollage.com.