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Flake Factor

Being flaky won’t win you points with a gracious hostess who’s invited you to brunch.

Unless, of course, you’re one of Joanna Karlinsky’s Meetinghouse biscuits.

Though the restaurant no longer exists, you can still score its buttery namesakes. Boxes of two dozen handmade biscuits come ready to pop in the oven with idiot-proof instructions. Just preheat, bake, and serve. Or keep them in the freezer until your next craving strikes.

Orders take about a week to fill. Delivery is free in San Francisco, and overnight shipping is available anywhere in the continental U.S. Along with the original, top-secret recipe, look out for new comfort-food flavors like cream cheese and dill or cheddar cheese and scallion.

You’re guaranteed to make a good impression. As long as the reason you were two hours late is because you were waiting for the biscuits to thaw.

Available online at meetinghousebiscuits.com.