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The Four Noble Truths (of planning The Big Event)

First: All life is suffering. Birth, death, having to wear a hat made of bows to commemorate your pending nuptials.

Second: Suffering is caused by desire. As in, your mother-in-law needs to stop giving you breast-feeding advice in front of the male stripper.

Third: To eliminate suffering, bag the traditional bridal or baby shower and throw a Japanese tea ceremony at the Green Gulch Farm Zen Center.

An instructor guides you through the meticulous steps of the 800-year-old practice. There is a particular form for every movement, and you’ll appreciate how your host cleans utensils, prepares tea, and serves it to the guests.

Art displayed in the teahouse, like the calligraphy scroll and flower arrangement, is chosen based on your occasion. And parts of the ceremony are silent (so you won’t have to repeatedly justify the cost of your wedding).

Leaving you centered enough to meditate on noble truth number four: Don’t worry, be happy.

Green Gulch Farm Zen Center, 1601 Shoreline Highway, Muir Beach (415-383-3134 or sfzc.org).

Photo credit: Meiya Wender

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