Strap On

You rarely enjoy a spat. You say things you regret (to hell with you — and your minuscule member!) and get a terrible night’s sleep (sofa city serves you very, very wrong).

But here’s a spat you can get on board with: Posso.

An updated version of the over-the-shoe accessory popular in the late 1800s, this spat is made of high-end Italian leather with a bendable internal wire structure, which means you can transform your simple sandals, ho-hum heels, and boring boots into runway-worthy chaussures.

There’s a stellar selection to choose from: Fold the black croc-skin spat over to create silver wings for a spacey couture look. Crumple a cream spat down for a feminine ruffle. Or wear the short gold as is for minimalist chic.

At $240 to $290 a spat, they’re not exactly cheap, but look at it as an alternative to buying an expensive pair of shoes.

Which should prevent any sort of spat.

Available online at satineboutique.com. To see styles, go to possothespat.com.