Intimacy Issues

You and your tatas are having communication issues. They’re desperately trying to tell you that the straps are too tight (we’re suffocating), the cups pucker (we’re worn out), and the jiggle is unseemly (you don’t support us).

You could ignore them, spend years in therapy — or consult Zafu’s new bra size and fit finder.

In three minutes, the site can spit out a selection of perfect bra recommendations from more than 50 labels and retailers. Just answer a couple of questions about your body shape, fit concerns, and what you’re looking for in a bra (knockout cleavage, full coverage).

As it did with its successful denim finder, the Emeryville-based company uses fancy math, proprietary algorithms, and research with real women to provide spot-on size predictions. You can narrow down your choices even more by price, brand, and style.

Which is easier than navigating the lingerie floor of a department store.

And a highly effective way of becoming buddies with your bosoms again.

Available online at zafu.com.